Past Venture

Avcan Global Systems

Three Dimensional Airborne Surveys and Infrared Technology

About the Project

My love for flying and particularly for helicopters led into this venture. An avionics shop in the Vancouver area worked with a local helicopter operator on the idea of utilizing helicopters for aerial survey of power line and oil & gas right of ways. When I learned of this, I was immediately intrigued and followed the development with great interest from the sidelines.

When the company ran into trouble, I was asked to participate in its revival by some creditors. The company, at that point, was nearly dead in the water without a development team and industry input; I jumped right in. Armed with a commercial helicopter license, my own helicopter, sales experience and industry contacts, I was the perfect fit. Over the following years, I worked with a group of talented software designers and hardware experts in the development of a three-dimensional survey apparatus for highly accurate, three dimensional airborne surveys.

The company, at that point, was nearly dead…

The system advanced into the incorporation of infrared technology for mapping of forest fires and maintenance inspections of power-line conductors. My favorite part was the development and test flying conducted by myself in my helicopter. At the same time I looked after the global sales and marketing and established early orders that financed a good portion of the development.

The company grew to a sizable, public operation and subsequently changed its focus, at which time I took my financially rewarding exit.

Time spent with AVCAN was highly educational, meeting a large number of very exceptional people in the aviation industry. Many have become good friends. Extensive knowledge gained from product design, engineering, software development and integration has been a great asset. I thank the software engineers and the hardware expert (whom I still refer to as a genius) for all their patience and for being great teachers. It was a wonderful, exciting and rewarding time in my life.