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iC-iT Sciences Inc.

<33 Technology

<33 Technology is a proprietary passive antenna device, not unlike an RFID (key fob, door access card). <33 devices resonate with specific, beneficial energy patterns. The technology is delivered in a variety of shapes and forms, including Nano layered self-adhesive technology stickers, composite-metal weave fabrics and specially formulated, translucent quartz-silicate pearls.

<33 Technology treats water and hydration beverages to not only provide superior hydration, it also helps in preventing dehydration.

Scientifically been proven and validated by various university studies and a comprehensive double-blind, randomized cross-over clinical hydration trial.

Our vision is to provide the best hydration in drinking water and hydration beverages to a large body of our population. <33 has the means to help in preventing hundreds of thousands of deaths annually and to improve the lives of countless individuals in all levels of society.

Naturally, the effects of superior hydration extend to numerous applications, including skin hydration that affect skin firmness and health when applied topically by creams and lotions. <33 also finds an application in “performance clothing”.

<33 Technology applications include:

  • Superior Hydration
  • Skin Hydration via Cosmetic Products
  • Water Filtration
  • Performance Clothing

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